Kings Road School

February 2016 Newsletter

Elementary Music Programs

The halls are alive with music! Every class in grades kindergarten through fifth enjoy a period of music class weekly. Music classes are designed to engage the students in singing, playing instruments, and movement. In addition, chorus and instrumental music are offered to grade fourth and fifth grade students. Chorus, band, and orchestra practices are held before school and instrumental lessons are offered during the day. Recently, we were treated to an excellent winter concert performed by the fourth and fifth grade chorus, band, and orchestra, students. Our music teachers are Miss Emma Peterson and Mrs. Kiera Chiarino as our general education teachers, Mrs. Laurie Quinlan as our orchestra director, and Mr. Matt Rossi as our band director. Thank you to our students, parents, and teachers for participation in all our wonderful programs!

Reading Challenge

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KRS reading specialist Mrs. Joanne Sims leads the reading challenge kick-off assembly for students.

Science Fair

KRS Science Night 2016 is coming! It will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Science night provides all KRS students grades K-5 with an opportunity to participate in the fun. Science offers children experiences in exploring beyond the classroom to understand more about their world. Investigating a selected science topic in detail can open up new vistas and a new appreciation for not only this planet, but the worlds beyond! In February, staff members Mrs. Becki Sullivan and Mrs. Roxanne Rudy visited the classrooms to explain the science fair to the students.

During the KRS 2015 Science Fair, the high school science department demonstrated science experiments for the KRS student scientists.
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News from Guidance - From Guidance Counselor Miss Tavaglione

This year the goal of guidance at KRS is to provide a bully-free environment for students to learn social-emotional skills and empathy for others. This month’s newsletter highlights our Peer Leader program, the arrival of our Buddy Bench, and our Peers on Patrol.

Our Peer Leaders consist of third graders from our three third grade homerooms. Our Peer Leaders are participating in service projects each month. In the month of December we collected almost 100 toys in only two short weeks to benefit Toys for Tots. In January, we collected Coats and Cans that benefited the Morristown Soup Kitchen. For every service project, students sign-up for different jobs to maintain the momentum of the donations and they read a reminder each morning on the announcements. Also, at recess our Peer Leaders are running structured activities for everyone to participate in. This has been a big hit so far and the hope is all students at KRS feel welcome.

This month, Miss Tavaglione received a grant from the Madison Education Foundation for a Buddy Bench. Our Buddy Bench will be on the playground and the idea is that students who are lonely or have difficulty finding somewhere to play can sit on the bench signaling other kids to ask them to play. The hope is that students learn empathy and new friendships are developed. We are planning an assembly to introduce the bench to students so they know how to use it. With the help of the Buddy Bench, Miss Tavaglione will continue to work hard both at recess and in the classrooms to make sure that KRS is an inclusive school environment.

Lastly, our fifth graders are our Peers on Patrol. They are assigned a location in the school where they greet visitors, open doors, and keep an eye out for any problems that may arise at arrival and dismissal. Also, our Peers on Patrol will be going into the classrooms to give short safety lessons on a number of different topics and some of our members are currently in a competition to be featured in the AAA calendar for a safety first artwork project.

In Celebration of 100 School Days

Wednesday, February 10th marked the 100th day of school. To celebrate the classes and the staff engaged in activities designed to help others, academically focused, and to celebrate the glorious 100 days we have spent together. Students participated in activities to include dressing like 100 years of age. The KRS staff set a goal of collecting at least 100 items to donate to the Market Street Mission. We are looking forward to many more school days together!

Literacy Night - March 2nd

Please join us for the KRS 2016 literacy night for K-5 students and parents on March 2, 2016 from 6:30 - 7:30 in the multi-purpose room. The night is designed so that parents and students may engage in literacy activities together. There will be many activities planned for a variety of ages so that children and parents may select activities based on interest. Teachers will be there to facilitate the activities. It is not too late to register! If you are interested in attending please complete the form or send a note to your child's teacher.

Great Experiences For Our Students - Thank you PTO!

The Kings Road School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is instrumental to the success of our school. Throughout the school year teacher grants and specialized programs are funded by the PTO. Recently, author B.J. Ward conducted an assembly about the power of writing and worked with students in their classes. Mad Science was here to teach a science lesson to fourth graders. The laser light show was a big hit when they were here in the beginning of February. Thank you so much to the PTO for what you do for the students and teachers!

Madison Fire and Police Departments

The Madison police and fire departments provide our school with constant support and services. In an event of an emergency, they are here within minutes. They conduct safety assemblies for our students. Behind the scenes, they work with the administration to ensure that our school building is safe, they help us with our safety drills, and review district procedures. Police officers teach the DARE program to our fifth grade students. Both departments are critical in working with Kings Road School to ensure that our school environment is a safe place to be!