5th Grade

Mrs. Ward

Upcoming Events

January 19th - No School

January 22nd- MAP Math Testing

January 22nd- T-Shirt Form Due (optional)

January 23rd- D.A.R.E. class (Homework needs to be complete! p. 31 Lesson 2 Planner Notes)

January 23rd- Progress Reports Sent Home (please sign and return these)

February 3rd - Symphony Orchestra Field Trip (bring a cold lunch)

February 16th - D.A.R.E. Rough Draft of Essay Assigned

February 23rd- Six Flags Read to Succeed log is due

February 24th - D.A.R.E. Rough Draft of Essay Due

March 6th - D.A.R.E. Final Essay Due

March 12th - D.A.R.E. Graduation at 6pm

Supporting Your Digital Learner

Thursday, February 5


PHS room 240

Do you ever feel like your child knows more about the internet than you?

Would you like to get the latest, up-to-date information for parents regarding internet usage?

Then we have an opportunity just for you!

Learn how to support digital learners...

  • by understanding the concept of digital citizenship
  • by implementing best practices to ensure internet safety

Don't miss out! Click here to register for the session.


Thanks for all of the supplies from parents! We're putting them to great use in the classroom. This week the students proved that air is matter; that it takes up space and has mass! They were quite inventive with their experiments that they shared with the class.

We could still use the following items for our science investigations:

Thick Liquids: honey, molasses, or corn syrup

Next week our class will be having Social Studies where they will begin BizTown!! This is a unit that 5th graders love! They will be learning how to fill out checks, start business, and other entrepreneur skills.


Long division is moving along! We have mastered how to do long division with one and two-digit divisors. We will be reviewing these concepts Tuesday, and on Wednesday we will be having a quiz.

Following the quiz, we will be learning how to divide with decimal divisors and decimal dividends. We hope to finish up this unit in the next two weeks.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Six Flags Read to Succeed program is starting and is a great motivation to get your child to read! To participate, all your child needs to do it read for fun for a total of six hours or 360 minutes. They can read books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, or comic books.

Your child received a log sheet on Tuesday, January 6th, that will help them keep track of their reading. They need to list when and what they read. In addition, parents/guardians need to initial this log. Once they reach their goal, they may turn in their log. All logs are due Monday, February 23rd.