National Make a Difference Day

One Person Can Make a Difference!

History Of Make a Difference Day

It started in 1992 as a community event. Now, over 3 million people celebrate this wonderful holiday. One person can make a difference!

Why is this an Important Holiday?

  1. This holiday can inspire you and others to help others and the world around you
  2. If every one did one small thing every day to help another person, that would be over 1 million good things. Then it would not be so small anymore. We can change the world one step at a time.
  3. If this holiday becomes a school holiday and the classes spent time to help there school or community, it could make the whole world better!

USA Weekend

USA Weekend helps get people working on many community projects. They are flexible and give out awards for people with the most hours. USA Weekend is a great way to get started and inspired to help people in need.

Make a Difference Day

Saturday, Oct. 26th 2013 at 12pm

Chesterfield, VA, USA

Chesterfield, VA

You can help anywhere. Maybe by yourself, or maybe with a group. Its your choice!

One Holiday that could Change the World

This holiday was created to inspire people to help others. I think making this a school holiday would be an amazing turn to help more people who are poor, hungry, or homeless. This holiday could change people's lives.