By Joseph Overman and Pranav Tetali (2nd Period)

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A member of the religious movement that was started by John Huss. After John Huss's crucifixion, many people who follow this religion, called Hussites, took up arms against the Holy Roman Empire, and demanded reforms from the church, which thus progressed into the Bohemian Reformation.


The Hussites, led by John Hus, challenged the hegemonic power of the Church. The church had begun corrupt. Financial abuses and sexual immorality plagued the image of the Church. The Hussites wanted to connect with God while avoiding going through the problematic church. They believed that the ultimate authority for morality should be found in the Bible and religious scriptures, not out of the mouth of priests.

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John Hus began the Hussite movement. He supported the reading of the New Testament in the common language. He wanted people to have access to scripture without relying on the Church. He believed that lay people should have the ability to interpret the Bible by themselves. This challenge to the Church's led to John's execution. He was arrested and tried in Czech lands in 1414 A.D. He was executed the next year. Hus' death, instead of killing the movement, brought power and recognition to the Hussites.

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