Why is it the best form of government?

The people can vote

A reason that a democracy is the best form of government is because the people can vote for who runs for the president. This is so great because if there is a person running, the the people don't like that person, they can easily vote for another candidate running for office.

The people choose the leader that they think would fit best for the spot to lead the country.

The right to get care

Another reason a democracy is the best form of government is because if you are injured or sick, you have the right to get medical attention. There are some countries that won't allow you to get help without money, but in a democracy, every single person, rich or poor, has the right to get medical help.

Right to education

A third reason proving that a democracy is the best form of government, is because every person has the right to go to school and get the education they need to get a job, or even just simply have the life skills they need to read and write. In a lot of poor

(Almost) Anyone can run for president

Yet another reason why democracy is so great, is that nearly anyone who meets the expectations, one being born in the US, can run for president. This shows why democracy is great because in other governments, such as a monarchy, it is not just anyone who can run for leader, it has to be hereditary. Wouldn't you rather choose your leader than just have one provided, without any say?

Everyone is treated equally

In a democracy, another reason that it is the best form of government, is because it treats everyone equally. Not to be confused with a communist government, where they force everyone to be equal by restricting the rights of the citizens, you are allowed to do what you want, but all people get the same treatment. An example being, if you're at a restaurant, they will charge you the same bill as the next table over, if you had both ordered the same amount of food.

The right to marry whoever you choose

In a democracy, the government doesn't choose who you marry, but you do. In some countries with totalitarian and communist governments, men can maybe choose who to marry, but the woman has no say. In those countries, they may not even allow same-sex marriage. In a dictatorship, it is perfectly fine. Or sometimes, two people are forced to marry. In a democracy, as long as both parties agree with it, then it is fine if they marry. Just another reason to agree with me that a democracy is the best form of government.

Racial freedom

In a democracy, all people are accepted and it doesn't matter what color you are. Many years ago, racism was an issue, but we have overcome it and have became a stronger country. If you didn't have racial freedom in a democracy, then there wouldn't be Obama as president, and there would still be 'Whites only signs' everywhere. In a democracy, it is a citizen's right to be treated fairly, no matter who they are, including color. Nobody is restricted or having their rights held against their will, because it would be unconstitutional, meaning that the democratic government is breaking its own laws.

Religious freedom

Similar to having racial freedom, in a democracy, you are allowed to have whatever religion you want to. In other forms of government, like a totalitarian and communist countries, you are only allowed to follow one religion, which would be whatever the government chooses for you. Anyone in a democracy can believe in what they choose to believe in, and it is just another reason why a democracy is the best form of government.

The Right to personal belongings

In communist countries, you aren't allowed to have personal belongings. It is part of the mindset of the government where if nobody owns anything, then everyone is equal. Every citizen in a communist country has items given to them that the government own, as opposed to actual personal belongings. In a democracy, the government lets you own nearly everything you want to own. It doesn't belong to them, it belongs to you. Yet, still everyone is equal. I don't know about you, but actually owning things sounds better than someone else controlling what is in front of me, proving yet again, why a democracy is better than any other government.

The right to have a voice

In a democracy, every person has the right to stand up and speak their mind, and nobody will be able to stop them, because it is one of their rights. Unlike other countries with other different types of governments, where if you stand up and speak what is on your mind, you can get fined, jailed, beaten, or even killed.