Paradise Island

Back before the Greek and Roman war women lived happily. They stayed at home and did all the house work. One day a wife named Hippolyta decided she didn’t want to stay home anymore. She told her friends and they agreed. They protested. Hippolyta’s husband took her aside and asked her to stop. It made him look bad. She refused. That night he prayed to Artemis, the goddess of childbirth. That morning Hippolyta woke up to be nine months pregnant. Then she found out what he did. She told her friends to pack up and grab only your girl children. That afternoon Hippolyta gave birth to Dianna, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. She still went. It took many years to get to Rome.

One day Rita and Dianna over heard that Rome was going to war with Greece. She told her mom. It took many, many years until the found a magical island. Paradise Island made who ever lived there immortal. They made Hippolyta their queen. They practiced sports and hunting and found that they were superior to men. Many years past and World War 2 started. That’s where the story of Wonder Woman starts. YAY!!!