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The Murder of Greenwich Village Apartments by Nancy Lopez

In Greenwich Apartment In New York September 1,1954

We have news about the local apartments of Greenwich, investigators are all over apartment of the crime scene. Who would of expected this happening around a well known apartments, specially if the place full of eyes in every apartment and the windows are wide open. Here is one resident named Mr. L.B. Jefferies is the man who witness more of the crime. This man wasn't the only one who observed how strangely Mr. Thorwald would act. Am glad I wasn't the only one who was curious and wanted to find out about what had really happened to Mrs. Thorwald, I knew that there was more than a trip she had took to be gone out of the nowhere. Now because Mr. Jeffreies and Ms.Fermont help with more than evidence they made Mr.Thorwald confess the truth." Mrs.Thorwald is scatter all over the east river", Mr. Thorwald said. The neighborhood is not the same anymore, they are all precious and see what they have around.
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He is the man who you didn't expected to be the murder. He is the man who was not good at hiding things, he was discovered and he didn't hide it. He tried but a dog would go there and dig, something he didn't like so he killed the dog. The dog was later found and he was the only one who did not come out to see. So that's not just the only murder, Mrs.Thorwald is gone and he didn't care for her since he was having an affair with another woman while his wife laid on the bed sick. He is now no were to be seen and nobody hear of him after that.

Feminism Now Feminism Then


Feminism now is not the same as it used to, people not just woman has turned feminism into something else. It does not have the same meaning anymore, feminism is now a way of saying that man are more higher and that they are suppose being discriminated of how they dress or how they should be dressed. There is a lot of other things. The meaning for Feminism has changed a lot during these past years.

Then (1950s)

In the 1950s Feminism meant to have freedom to do the same, being able to be treated the same as men would and having the same right as they did. Feminism was a woman fighting to be able to vote and have the same job or get a job. Being able to have a voice in society, being able to own their own things and special to have an education that most women did not have. They had to learn how to be perfect house wives and everything that went along with it.