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Happy New Year

Hello my dear friends and customers!

I'm making a big change in my business communication and I wanted to share the change with you today. I never ever want you to feel like you are being spammed or feel the need to mark my emails as such.'s my plan!

Did you know that I had a Facebook page, just for you? I noticed with my prior email system that the vast majority of you weren't opening what I was sending, I truly think those emails were going directly into your spam folders :( You've missed out on some amazing sales! Just last week I had over 200 charms marked down to $3 each!!!

Here's the deal.. Facebook is a wonderful tool and I want to be sure you get to participate in everything I have to offer, plus I'd love for you to be able to reach me with ease should you have a question or concern. A VIP page is the perfect option!! The page contains product deals, flash sales, locations to shop with me directly throughout the month (for those in Arizona), plus you can add anyone to the page. To join in on all that I have to offer to you, simply click here and request to be added to the group on Facebook.

You will see far fewer emails from me as the page gets established :) This is good news right? Trust me, I don't like feeling spammed, I'm no different than you :)

I hope your New Year and holidays were incredible! Thank you for being the best part of my business!


Where to shop in person

January 9th from 9-3 at Embassy Suites by Hilton 4400 S Rural Rd

February 14th from 9-5 at Willow Neighborhood Home tours

April 2nd from 9-5 at Rustic Hutch on Baseline and Gilbert

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