Heart of a Samurai

Flyer by, Grace ; Book by, Margi Preus

Book summary

Manjiro and his friends are from Japan. When fishing during a storm, their boat gets blown to an island where they have to hunt for food. To makes matters worse, barbarians show up asking them to go on their ship and they all fear that they will be cooked by them. Soon though, they find the barbarians are nice and are going to drop them off at Oahu to start a new life. But, Captain Whitfield decides that he wants Manjiro to be part of his crew. So, they start sailing back to their home state in America. When they get back, Manjiro is amazed at all of the new technology. But soon, Manjiro finds that Americans are not what they seem to be and all he wants to do is to go back to Japan.

Margi Preus

Margi, the author of Heart of a Samurai, is an American children's writer. Margi was the runner up of the 2011 Newberry Medal. Along with Heart of a Samurai, Margi has written other children novels such as, The Bamboo Sword, West of the Moon, and Shadow on the Mountain.
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