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Week of January 4- January 8 Vol.1 Edition 18

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Principal's Note: A bright and Prosperous New Year!

Hello Staff,

Happy 2016! I sincerely wish you a year full of peace and personal satisfaction. If you have made any new year resolutions, I hope that they are SMART! Most importantly that they are attainable and realistic.

I do not have any personal new year's resolution. I thought I could spend more time with family, but my wife says I am doing an amazing job as a dad! As your school leader though, I am on a mission to promote student success through a high quality education. I invite you to join me on this journey, as we continue striving to become a premier 21st century school that caters to the needs of the whole child in a vigorous personalized learning environment.

Together we experienced some great successes in the first semester! Our students not only received quality instruction in reading and math, but also in social and emotional learning through habits of mind and morning circles. Across the board, teachers are using the station rotation model to provide students with different learning paths. Many staff members had the opportunity to visit out-of-state PL campuses and attend conferences on current issues impacting education and instruction. We see an increase in parent interest and involvement in the school with the help of an energetic and enthusiastic brand new PTA. Our students are excelling academically and in extracurricular. Let's keep our eyes on our goals. We cannot rest until all of our students are successful.

During this semester, we will continue with our Action Plan, but our main instructional priorities will be the following:
Advisory: 100% of teachers will be meeting every morning with their students, addressing SEL, habits of mind and self-management tools by March 1st.
Station Rotation Model: By the end of the 6th six weeks 85% of teachers in grades 1-5 will utilize multiple sources of data to make instructional decisions and adjust flexible groups on a weekly basis.
Project Based Learning/RTI: 100% of students will finish a project of their choice that integrates science, reading, writing, social studies and/or math by the end of the end of the year. During that time, 100 % of our teachers will deliver at least two interventions during Flex Period in Reading and/or Math every week using the RTI Intervention Guide to all RTI students.
Playlist Development: 100% of teachers will be implementing playlists, either in the form of centers or online, that incorporates at least 2 student station choices or choices within the station by February 1st.

As the year changed, on January 1st, 2016, the new open carry law went into effect in the state of Texas. In a nutshell, it will remain illegal under the new law for a licensed gun holder to bring their firearm onto school property. We will receive more information on this new law as we continue to make students' safety our priority.

I look ahead with great hope and gratitude for having the honorable privilege of undertaking with you this most noble task of serving our students. To 2016!

Professional Development Days - January 4th and 5th

Both January 4th and 5th will be professional development days. January 4th will be on campus and will focus on our priorities/action steps for personalized learning. January 5th, from 1-4pm, will be across campuses in the Feeder Pattern and will focus on various content areas per grade level. Dubbed Job A-like, instructional coaches and teachers will lead these sessions in areas according to results from common assessments that need our attention. On Monday 1/4, we will begin in room 114 at 8:00 am. We will do our welcome and breakfast simultaneously. Break-out sessions will begin promptly at 8:30. As a reminder, please bring your fully charged laptops to these sessions. You will need them. To save yourself time, take a minute to reread the PD plans sent out to staff via email just before you left for break.

Action Required

  • ACP make-ups, Jan. 6-11
  • DDI meetings: Jan. 6 (4th Grade - 8:00-12:00 am/5th Grade - 12:00-3:30 pm)
  • DDI meetings: Jan. 7 (3rd Grade- AM session/2nd Grade - PM session)
  • DDI meetings: Jan. 8 (1st Grade - AM session/Kinder - PM session)

Upcoming Events

PD/Job A-like, Monday 1/4 &Tuesday 1/5, 1-4pm
Students return, Wednesday 1/6
ACP Make-ups, Jan. 6-11
MAP Testing Window, Jan. 6-26
The MAP testing window opens January 6, 2016 and closes January 26, 2016.

Providing Assessment Context

A few key points that might be helpful to share with your students before testing include:

  • MAP is a test that will help you see how far you can go in your learning. As a result, not every student will have the same set of test questions. Your test questions will change depending on how you’re doing on the test. Most likely, your test questions will get harder as you move along – that means you’re being tested for higher and higher levels of work!
  • MAP is not for a grade; it’s just a tool to help diagnose where you are on your own learning path.
  • Don’t be nervous about the MAP test. It’s okay if you aren’t sure of all the answers.

Investing Students

A few key points that might be helpful to share with your students before testing include:

  • It’s important to do your best on the assessment so you and your teachers have a good idea of what you already have mastered and what you still need to grow and develop in over the year ahead.
  • Based on your test results, your teacher will know exactly what you need to be successful. She will be able to plan lessons and activities that match your needs as a student.
  • You’ll take the test again in May, so you’ll get to see how much you grow over the year.

Habits of Mind: Be at school and be on time

This habit of mind speaks to the importance of attending school daily and arriving on time. One of our goals for this school year is to have 97% of all students attending school every day and on time. With this habit of mind, kids learn how to show up for school everyday and on time, a skill that they'll need once they join the workforce.
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Mission Statement

our mission is to promote student success through a high quality education. For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations. Only the courageous pursuit of excellence will lead to success.