DYK... we have a subscription to TeachingBooks?

SMUSD has a subscription to TeachingBooks - a website that generates enthusiasm for books and reading in our schools.

Find book trailers, interviews with authors, audio performances, discussion questions, and more!

An Introduction to TeachingBooks

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1.) Go to TeachingBooks.net/signin

2.) Enter in our login information:

Username: sanmarcos

Password: teachingbooksK12

3.) Click "Sign In" and explore!

Create an Educator Account

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With an educator account, you'll be able to:

*share resources and access with students

*create custom reading lists

*save custom lesson plans

*subscribe to newsletters for support and integration ideas

*use text complexity analysis for selection and differentiation

After you sign up, a confirmation will be sent to your email. Open the confirmation email and follow the directions to verify your email. Afterwards, TeachingBooks will send you a welcome email. You're all set!

Multi-Leveled Lessons

Resources for Educators

Literacy & Standards Connections - Deepen and extend existing practices with materials that support your literacy instruction; resources within include:

Standards Connections - engage learners with standards-based examples to enhance literacy within your instruction; choose from a variety of subjects including Art, Health, History, ELA, ELL, Math, Music, Social Justice, SPED, STEAM, World Languages, and more!

Multi-leveled Lessons - explore titles that have lessons designed to scaffold instruction and build connections to text in differentiated classrooms; lessons include "Cultural Representation Reflection", "Nonfiction Read & Respond", "Poetry", and "Story Map".

Text Complexity Toolkit - help put the right book in each reader's hands with tools that provide comprehensive text analysis

Author's Purpose - learn from award-winning authors and illustrators about their inspiration, writing, and research processes with primary resource materials created exclusively for TeachingBooks users

Comprehension - explore resources for fiction and nonfiction books that support students as they understand, respond, and learn; resource links include "Prompt Evidence-based Book Discussions", "Analyze Qualitative Text Elements", "Build Vocabulary", and "Perform Reader's Theater Scripts".

World Languages - enrich language instruction with Meet-the-Author movies in Spanish or French, hundreds of non-English book guides, and audio/video interviews with authors in Spanish, French, and other languages

English Language Learners and TeachingBooks

Booklist & Collection Analysis Tools

Create a collection of resources connected to the books in your booklist, syllabi, or reading programs. Then share your lists with students, colleagues, families - anyone you want.

The Collection Analysis Reports provide insights into genre, cultural, and curricular classifications, along with reading levels, text complexity, and recency of publication date.

Also included in each report is a "Not Represented" analysis where you can click to a link to identify other titles to potentially add to your lists.

Build a list (up to 200 titles) & Collection Analysis Report

Other Important Links

Teaching Ideas: Explore jumping-off points that deepen discussions, inspire reading interest, and support connections to books and authors. Easily share and include your instructional plans, newsletters, and social media.

Diverse Book Toolkit: As you infuse diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant materials into fiction and nonfiction reading experiences, this toolkit helps analyze collections, identify and bring to life diverse texts, and encourage reflection on cultural representation.

Professional Exploration: Take a deep dive into the world of children's and young adult books. Explore by author, awards, diversity, genres, literacy, standards, new titles, and reader's advisory.

Library Programming: Enrich your children and teen programming with these activities, resources, and tools. (Mrs. Diaz finds these links to be of particular interest)

Book Promotion: Instantly connect all of your students to audio, video, and other digital materials that bring books to life. After selecting a title, booklist, or resource, you'll be able to print (and translate to 100+ languages) bookmarks, flyers, labels, or shelf-talkers that offer immediate digital connections to these books and materials. (Also of great interest to Mrs. Diaz - let her know what you'd like to see in the library for your students.)

Reading Specialists
Need help using TeachingBooks? Contact Mrs. Diaz, the MHHS library tech, for assistance!