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Kilgore Intermediate School, Week of May 16-20

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May Madness

May 16-20

  • 5th Grade CoGAT testing this week
  • Monday - 4th Grade PLC Scope & Sequence Planning
  • Tuesday - 4th Grade Field Trip; 5th Grade PLC Scope & Sequence Planning
  • Wednesday - 4th Grade Field Trip
  • Thursday - 4th Grade Field Day
  • Friday - 5th Grade Field Day

May 23-27

  • Monday - 4th and 5th Grade PLC Scope & Sequence Planning, Readiness Folders
  • Tuesday - Reward Day
  • Wednesday - AR Celebration
  • Thursday - EOY Awards
  • Friday - Bad Weather Day (No School)

May 30 - June 3

  • Monday - Holiday
  • Tuesday - Hot Dog Cookout; Blessing Buddy Reveal; receive 5th grade STAAR Reading and Math Retest scores
  • Wednesday - Early Release; Last school day for students
  • Thursday - KISD Awards and Luncheon
  • Friday - Teacher Workday

PLC End of Year Goal

We have mapped out our Year At A Glace for 2016-2017. I would like for us to have our scope and sequence "penciled in" before we leave for summer. Please notice that due to May Maddness, our PLC times may vary (see calendar dates above).
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PLC Summer Project

For each of our readiness TEKS we will create a tri-folder including the following information. After STAAR, we will divvy up the TEKS among our team members. The purpose for this project is so that as we plan next year, we will have all of the information we need to refer to in one place.

  • Field Guide
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Scaffold Document
  • Released STAAR Items (Released Test IQ Document)
  • Student Learning Report (Include all previous campus data)
  • Best practices, lessons, activities, labs, TEKS Clarification, etc.
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4th Grade Writing

4th grade writing teachers will also want to create Jasper's Jumbalya for your classroom this summer. Please see Debbie Nicholson for more information about this.

Christy McElyea, KIS Instructional Specialist

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