Rippon Middle School Library

February 2016

Rippon Book Challenge

Students are encouraged to read 10 books per quarter. Those who complete this challenge and fill out the associated paper will win a prize. Students may get the challenge forms from their language arts teachers, from the library or on the library Fusion page. Completed forms should be returned to the library

Book Recomendations

Library Lessons this month

The library worked with more than 40 classes this month. Lessons include, biography research, creating book trailers, giving book talks, book checkouts and more.

Library eBooks

The library collection includes close to 200 eBooks. To access these titles, students (and staff) need to login to the school library catalog. Student and staff logins are the same as their Office 365 accounts.

Library Use

The library is being used as a testing site for the WIDA test. This means that the library will not be open for students when testing is going on during the day. Students are encouraged to come to the library in the morning prior to their first class. Announcements will be made when the library is closed.

Virginia Readers' Choice Reading Promotion

Students who read a VRC book and fill out a form will be entered in a drawing for prizes each month.

Students who read 4 or more will be eligible to attend the voting party in the spring

Search the Rippon Library Catalog

Click here to check out what the Rippon Library has by looking at our catalog. You can search for books and eBooks by title, author or subject

Prince William County Public Library Resources

Students with a library card from the PWC public library have access to nearly 20 additional databases. In order to access these, a valid library card must be entered.

Students who would like a public library card may request one through the school library.

Check the public library resources here.

Library Staff

Please contact a member of the Rippon Library staff with any questions.

Tamara Ingalls

Library media specialist

Cathi Jo McMaster

Library media specialist

Christina Seyler

Library Assistant