Daintree rainfoest by cadeyrn


Daintree rainforest is a tropical rainforest it has thousands of plants and animal species it is an amazing rainforest becuase it is great for veiwing and is a vital ecosystem for its fresh air and food


There are many plants in daintree rainforest like fan palms, the wait a while tree mangrove trees and idiot fruit most of these plants grow on the gruond but some like the blue quandong grow in the canopy layer

Threats and dangers

Daintree rainforest suffers mostly from wood logging and litter these are problems becuase they destroy the rainforest and the animal habitat's of thousands of animals.Wood logging is a problem becuase it destroys the rainforest alltogether. these problems can be solved by stopping wood chopping, starting to replant the rainforest and stop littering and put garbage in the bin


there are many animals in The daintree rainforest like the green tree frog, Flying fox, the southern cassowary, lichen spider,praying mantis and the giant cockroach.