Lake House Newsletter:

Photos, Updates, Ideas and Event Planning

Why a Newsletter?

Hi Team!

This might be a fun way to communicate among owners. Over the years I have noticed that when we get home from the lake there are several things I want to share. We often think of simple information, such as upcoming maintenance, project planning, photos, meeting dates, etc., that we need to share in an informal and fun way.




We brought all of the sheets and towels home to launder because the lower level drain had rising water and we did not want to over tax the system. We put clean sheets from the dressers on each bed. Kathy said she left the bunk room sheets in the dresser of that room. But Kristi put clean sheets, folded, in the Blue room and the Green room.

Up Coming Projects

Next on Kristi's list of fun projects is to paint the picnic table that sits under the back deck. This will take place in the fall, when the weather is cooler, and most of the leaves have fallen. Lots of Pinterest research has been helpful in choosing a fun style for the cabin.

Meeting Dates

Bob and Dennis have been in close communication to repair the septic system through texting and phone calls. We need to decide upon a date and location for the next person to person business meeting.

Bob will prepare an agenda to direct our conversations and send it out ahead of the meeting date so that Kristi, Vicki and Dennis can add items to New Business, or Old Business as needed.

Make a Newsletter So You Can Send Updates Too

Go to the "Smore" link at the top of this page and begin your own information sharing blog. You can respond to this one at the bottom of this page. But you might want to send out a newsletter of your own. You can upload pictures of interest like damage or new additions to the cabin, dock or barn.

This is all new, but hopefully this could eventually include a calendar or more family members for ease in communication.

We can certainly discuss this at our next person to person meeting. After all it is just an idea. It might work, and it might not. But it is worth a try.

Love "yun's" all!