Twitter is a phenomenal place to develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network). As educators, we are always looking for the best for our students. Twitter gives us the platform to connect right at our fingertips whenever it is convenient for us.

See this link for further explanations: Twitter How to/Info

The chat will be an hour long, we will ask 6 questions common to all grade levels and subject areas to get the conversation going. Come and stay while you can or search the hashtag after to see what was discussed. We would love more time to connect, a chance to share our learning and thinking, maybe even some time to vertical plan and align. Why not take advantage of this platform?

If the link doesn’t help you understand how to begin, please stop by room 500 at the Junior School, Thursday @ 3:45 for a quick tutorial, ask one of the Instructional coaches, or check in with your peers.

We look forward to chatting.

Questions for Chat

1. What 21st century skills do you think are important to teach?
2. How do you let your students take the lead?
3. What do you do to encourage collaboration in your classroom?
4. How do you teach students about global citizenship?
5. What do you do to be sure creativity is happening in your room?
6. What do you wish you knew more about teaching when it comes to 21st century skills?