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The season of generosity

Whether it’s with your time, money or resources, being generous makes you a happier person. Science says this may be true even if you are only a little bit generous. A study from the University of Zurich found that when people give to others, a little part of our brain lights up providing a “warm glow” feeling. So not only does the person you are giving to feel good, but you will feel better, too. It’s a win-win situation.

From: Live Happy

The benefit of doing the work that you do is that you are often provided the opportunity to connect with individuals that benefit from your generosity. This may be as simple as a bit of your time to problem solve and collaborate. You matter!!

Board Priority One:

Increase the achievement of every child through a focus on:

  • innovative practices
  • student well-being
  • equity in program design and implementation

At our meetings as a district leadership team, we have spent much time learning about the importance of student focused learning. Project work for kids is "student focused learning" and "innovative practice" and it is in line with future ready learning style.

Congratulations, you are really ahead of the curve in this very effective methodology. We will continue to learn and explore the Project Approach, be so very proud of the opportunities you are offering to our little learners!


This initial work is wrapping up and going to the board next week. We will learn more, but suspect that TRE staff is most likely moving. We do not know where yet, but when I know for sure, you will know.

While at a mtg at SLC today, two different people told me about the rumors they have already heard about early education moving to their school, I laughed and let them know nothing had been decided. So when you "hear" something, listen with the knowledge that nothing is settled at this time!

There is now a CFMP Phase Two that will begin, this is where I understand the "programs" will be discussed. We will hope and work for additional services for our little learners and their families that sit on wait lists!!

UCM Junior Students need a teacher to mentor them!!

If you are interested in having 2 UCM students this spring, I would like to hear from you. We know that our programming is top notch and we know that students benefit from spending time here. Please consider helping to "develop a quality early educator"!! Please let me know if you would host for the spring, 2 students, one day per week, 2 focus students.
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December 19th, Wednesday

An early release for the district, bonus for you!! This day is to be partially used for PD, so watch for more information to come!!

Our Schedule

Monday - here, 1-3:00 Dr Kephart to visit

Tuesday - here, mid day - Jeanie to Home Visit, Kerry to Education Panel

Wednesday - 12:30 PAT Staff Meeting

Thursday - 8-1:00 Academic Leadership Team Mtg at SLC for Kerry, Jeanie to join at 11:00

Friday - here