Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 4

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19 September 2014

Missed your chance?

We only have three shout-outs this week?? If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by leaving a form in my box for next week! Thank you!

To all involved in Homecoming Week

Thank you to Student Government, Ian Simpson, Class Sponsors, Powder Puff Coaches, Football Coaches, all game workers, dance chaperones, campus supervisors, custodians, support staff and administration for their work to support the events and help in providing activities for our students.

-Julie Enger

Karl Buck and Andrew Robbins

Thanks to Karl and Andrew for working into the night on Monday so English classrooms could have Chromebooks ready to go on Tuesday!

-Brandi Potestio

To Karl and Andrew for THOSE AMAZING CHROMEBOOKS in the classrooms.

Thanks for going above and beyond to get them in the classroom.

-Mary Murray

Shout out to Karl and Andrew for spending hours upon hours setting up the Chromebook carts so they could be available to use in the English classes! Thanks!

-Sage Rebuehr

Bill Adamsky and Tricia LaRue

Thanks Bill and Tricia for your help with the Chrometastic training, and for always having a second to answer a Chromebook question.

-Brandi Potestio

Tricia LaRue and Tracy Brown

Shout out to Tricia and Tracy for changing passwords and assisting students so they can get on the Chromebooks!


-Sage Rebuehr

And, I want to say thanks to everyone (esp Jen Brown and Bill Dudley today) with their patience while we help students! Sometimes it's something the kids are doing, and sometimes why they can't get in is totally out of their control. We are working as fast as we can to help. :)

-Tricia, Tracy, and Andrew

Scott Schankweiler and Matt Bleskan

Shout-Out to Scott and Matt for the indoor planetarium! What a way to think outside of the box!

-Tiffany Hansen

Mitch Davis

Thanks for the great idea of how to present to the second class I was covering this week (after you did the first with me)! I think breaking it down was a brilliant idea! And, thanks, too, for you kindness and positive attitude every time you are in the library with us!

-Tricia LaRue

Pam Gibble

To Pam Gibble for sharing and demonstrating the "Team Shake" app during our beginning of year training. It's so easy to use, and it's very useful for a wide variety of activities. I've tried it in all 4 levels of my German classes already. Thanks, Pam!

-Kristina Rathman

Berthalina Kinsel

To Berthalina Kinsel for sharing her fabulous hall pass system - I'm trying it out this year and it's working like a charm. Muchas gracias, Berthalina!

-Kristina Rathman

Jared Martinez

Shout out to Jared Martinez for taking care of my broken door in my classroom. You're always so cheerful and helpful!

-Heather Schenck

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Bonus: Banned Book Week

Libraries all across the country are celebrating Banned Book Week next week. See the post below for more info, and stop by the library each day next week to test your book knowledge and get a little treat if you do well!


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