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What is in the September newsletter?

  • iPad Parenting Tips
  • Breakfast and Books Information
    • This is our school’s book club for students and staff.
  • Maker Space Before-School Learning Opportunity
  • Frequently Asked Questions by Pearson Parents
  • Scholastic Book Orders

Parent iPad Tips

As we move forward this year, please talk with your child about the importance of keeping their iPad charged and kept in a safe/secure location. When placing an iPad in a backpack or bag, please make sure that screen is protected. A few iPads have come in with broken screens and we want to make sure that does not happen to your child's device.

How do I stay in touch with my child's schooling at Pearson?

We use a few tools school-wide that can help you stay connected to your child's learning at Pearson.

Canvas is how your student receives assignment, turns in assignments, tracks assignments, and receives feedback on assignments.

As a parent, you can be an observer of your child's classes to see your child's work, grades, and feedback in Canvas. Just follow the steps on this link. https://goo.gl/RFRSlM

Infinite Campus is a way to view your students final grades, lunch account information, schedule, and more. If you want an account created for Infinite Campus, please call the Pearson main office at 952-496-5862.

Google is the other main tool that student will use to complete their work at Pearson. They will use Google for email, word processing, presentation slides, and more.

Meeting Dates: October 9 and 23

We have a book club at school. Student can join each month based on their interest in the book. We meet in the school cafeteria at 7:30 on meeting days to talk about the book and eat breakfast together.

Cost is $15 which covers the cost of the book and our breakfasts. Student get to keep the book! Click on the link below for the registration form.

Maker Space: Scrapbooking Session

Students can sign up on this link. http://goo.gl/forms/o215DkpMD9

Come scrapbook with us before school during the week of October 9. We will meet in the media center at 7:30. We will have scrapbooking supplies. Bring in own your photos.

We will meet Monday (10/5) through Thursday (10/8) starting at 7:30. Student will be able to bring home the projects they create.

Space is limited to 20 students. There is no cost for this class.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child checkout books from the media center?

The media center is open for students to check out books before school starting at 7:30. Students can also check out books after school. Throughout the school day, students can come here with permission from their classroom teachers. Reading teachers do bring their classes down 1-2 times per month. We also have a selection of eBooks available on the iPads using the MackinVIA app.

Is my child's iPad filtering content when they are not at school?

Yes. Student iPads do still filter through the school's web filter when iPads are used on WiFi away from school.

Should I put restrictions on my student's iPad?

At school, we ask that there are not restrictions on student iPads. We have our filter in place to block inappropriate content. At home, if you feel the need to place restrictions on the iPad, you may do certainly do that at home. We ask that they are removed each day for school.

Why is there no App Store on my student's iPad?

We decided that students should not have unrestricted access to the app store. It was a distraction in classes last year. Student should download their apps from the "Self Service" app on the iPads. All required apps for their school work are available there.

What can I do to help if the iPad is not working right?

First things to do:

  1. Hard Reset the iPad by holding down the power and home buttons at the same time until an Apple icon appears on the screen.
  2. Check the WiFi connection on the iPad.
  3. Make sure the iPad has enough storage to complete the task.

Scholastic Book Order

Shop Online: https://orders.scholastic.com/LCX6M

One-Time Class Activation Code: LCX6M

Orders Due: October 13

Dear Families,

Good news! This month's Scholastic Reading Club flyers are ready for you to explore online with your child. Children read more when they choose their own books, so I encourage you to look at the books online together.

Place your order online at scholastic.com/readingclub. Remember, for every book you order, our library earns FREE Books and supplies...and we have our eye on some new additions.

Thank you for your support!

PS: Books make wonderful gifts! Please let me know if your order includes a gift, and I will contact you when it arrives.

Ordering online is fast and easy:

- VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub

- ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code (top of this letter)

- SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books and value packs

- SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom

- All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School Releases Nov. 3. Pre-order now to get a copy on its release day!

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