News from 3rd Grade

Newsletter #7

News from the Classroom

This week I ended our Measurement block. They began the block by learning how measurement came to be, and why it was necessary to have a standard form of measurement. They heard about King Henry VIII, and how his foot became the standard ruler. They also realized that their own body can be useful in giving accurate forms of measurement. The students took time to measure themselves, the classroom, and other places around the school. I Introduced the ruler, and taught them how to measure using the 1/16 parts of an inch. This is a bit of a foreshadow into 4th grade, and it will go back to sleep, until I approach it again at the end of the year. The very last activity was the students first official homework, where I asked them to take the weekend to measure their bedroom, and their bed. Thank you for making sure that they return their homework this Tuesday!

We will now be moving into our first of three shelters block. This will be in combination with our play block. The students will be introduced to shelters and how they are built around the world. They will be hearing stories, drawing pictures, and working with grammar in language arts. While they are learning about shelters, I will be introducing and working on the play. This play will be performed on November 20th at 5:30pm, with a potluck to follow at 6pm. For the potluck, you will be assigned a part of a dish, determined by the first letter of your last name. Please make sure to bring utensils, plates, bowls and cups for your family.

*Unfortunately, I will not be able to be in class on Tuesday due to a court case. Mrs. Doyle will be my substitute. She has been left with sub plans, and I will introduce our new block on Wednesday. If you are coming for reading, I hope you will help her get set up!

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Thank you

Thank you to all of you that were able to come to my parent evening. I hope it was helpful to experience what a Morning Lesson is like for your students. Were your children excited to see your drawing?

I always have a wonderful time spending an evening with you! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share in this journey!

How can I help? Where do I sign up?

Reading Helpers: Tuesday from 11:05-11:55

or 12-12:40

Gardening Helpers: Thursday from 11:05-12:40

Cooking Helpers: Thursday from 11:05-12:40

Handwork Helpers: Wednesday 1:20-2:05 and Friday from 2:10-2:55

email Kristen @

Drivers Needed Desperately for this Friday!

So far, we only have 1/2 the class able to get to and from the Tolay Festival. If we don't get drivers signed up by Tuesday, I will have to cancel the field trip. The office needs 2 weeks to get all the information ready for field trips, and now I am only giving them 3 days! They are not happy, and I feel terrible.

If you can drive please sign up here:

You DO need to be fingerprinted and have up-to-date insurance (declaration page) in the office.

For Friday, please pack a hat, water bottle and a big lunch. We will be leaving at 8:30am and arriving back to campus at 2:45pm.

Here is a bit about Tolay:

Check the Lost and Found

If your students are missing clothing, its probably in the school's lost and found! Please check it everyday, as well as the students cubbies upstairs!