soccer is important because soccer hekp to be healthy and soccer is fun and this is a sport a combined with teamwork and this is good sport in your free time and the special in the soccer is that this is combined with teamwork and if you go alone you will be lose and all the players very important and all the players is friends. my legend in the soccer is pele pele was the best soccer player ever and he won the bigest competition the mondial 3 times with brazil and that was a amazing record because he was the first person was won 3 mondials and what is also special about pele is that he play all her creers is he play only in one club santos and santos wasnt abig club and he can go to earupe and play with the best clubs but he want to play in her youth club.and a more world record is about cristiano ronaldo.Ronaldo was the first player in history once conquered 17 goals in the Champions League.

the rules of the soccer

in soccer game 2 team played in each team 11 players starting the game and in the banch there have more 7 players.

if one player take a red card or two yellow card she kickd out for the game.

the soccer game long is 90 min.

my slogan

Football is a sport for the body and for the soul

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