Health care

Should all Americans have a right to basic health care?

Why is healthcare an issue?

Why is Health Care an issue in America?Health care is an issue because alot of people cant afford health care.Health insurance is very important because if somebody got hurt and they didnt have health care they would not be able to get the care they need.All the presidential cannidates are voting to see if all Americansshould have the right to health care.Barack Obama wants all Americans to have the right to basic health care and Ron paul doas not. 

Canidates point of view

Barack Obama

Barack Oboma is a pro in the issue.The pro is the person that wants to have health care.He bielieves that quality ,affordable health insurance you could rely on is a key part of middle-class security.By putting a stop to insurance company abuses.

Ron Paul

Ron paul is the con in this issue.The con is the person against the issue of having health care.He bielieves that goverment must get out of the healthcare buisness servises and leave it to the seniors and the poor to financially manage their healthcare needs.