Make a goal to come to Portugal!

Location & Language

  • Portugal is located in southwest of Europe. Bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and is also West of Spain.

  • The Capital of Portugal is Lisbon.

  • In Portugal they speak Portuguese and some speak Mirandese.

  • Portuguese sounds very much like Spanish.

Weather & Climate

  • Maritime temperature; Cool and rainy in North, warmer and dry in the South.

  • Yearly averages about 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the South and 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the South.

Physical Characteristics

  • Between the Douro and the Tagus rivers id the highest peak on the mainland called Serra de Estrela. Portugal's highest point is Pico Alto in the Azores.

  • The islands of Maderia and the Azores are also part of the Portuguese territory. Both archipelagos have volcaic origins and great natural beauty.

Folkways and Values


  • Marriage happens later of age in Portugal. They're also prohibited to marry any cousins after third cousins.
  • Inheritance is only given to certain people in the family. Women in the family are most likely not to get the inheritance.

  • Most of Portugal citizens are Roman catholic and attend church on the daily basis,

  • Initial greetings are reserved, yet polite and gracious.


  • 89% citizens of Portugal are Roman catholic.
  • Always loyal to the family before other social relationships, even business.


  • Never shout or lose temper.

  • Do not launch straight up into business when first meeting someone.

  • Never disrespect any family members
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Subcultures of Portugal

  • Life Expectancy; Female: 82 years of age and Male: 75 years of age.

  • Political: Socialist Party and Social Democratic Party.

Culture of Landscape

  • Music: Lullabies, nature, instrumental.
  • Sports: Futbol (Soccer) is most popular sport. Portugal also many other kind like swimming, basketball, hockey, Etc.
  • Fashion is a huge part of Portugal it gives the people a sign of class and symbolizes that you are a successful person.

Cultural Diffusion in Portugal

  • The language Portuguese has expanded to Brazil.

  • Architecture from Portugal has also inspired and expanded to Brazil.

Culture Change

  • There has been changes in social classes.

  • More middle class; less peasants.
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