Earthquakes Among Us

Adversities in Asia

The Problem that Shakes Life

In Asia, a conflict that affects them a lot is the trembling natural disaster: Earthquakes. They mostly happen in the large country China. An earthquake is when two tectonic plates shift pass each other suddenly, causing the ground above them to shake so rapidly, buildings may even collapse under this movement, crushing everything in its path. This photo was taken after the earthquake in Haiti.

Why such a Disaster?

Besides the fact that China has a high population density, it also rests on the top of two giant tectonic plates, so when one of the plates make the slightest movement, the lives of the civilians are in great danger.

The Effects of an Earthquake

Earthquakes can cause sever damage based on the intensity. Many people can be killed, buildings can demolish, tsunamis can occur, there are chances of liquefaction, and landslides. Research shows that three earthquakes from the Ten Deadliest Quakes are from China, which isn't surprising.

Solutions Encountered

Well, a good solution that is highly obvious is to MOVE OUT! Don't stay down in the southwest! Another solution would be to be prepared! You don't want to be empty-handed when a disaster strikes out! Have a storage of food, protection, and tools. Another solution would be to quickly find a place of shelter! Never go for rooms with sharp items AT ALL!!

Pros and Cons

Solution 1: Move out.

P: Creates less population density and you're safer and far from reach of death.

C: Homesickness, no known relatives around, you could move into an even dangerous place, or you cant become a new resident to a country.

Solution 2: Preparation.

P: You have the right tools to carry you through poor times, you have strength to help others, and you have a slightly larger chance of being safe.

C: Still chances of death, storage could become useless or damaged.

Solution 3: Find shelter.

P: Safe, better chance of survival.

C: Not enough time to take cover, no food, tools and supplies are limited.

The Cure

After analyzing the pros and cons, we've decided its best to move out of China. Why stay there risking your life? To be safe, it's better that we stay away from the problem. We could start a new journey to our lives, have a happy life, less destructive environment, and we are safe.


We have our solution, but what about the solution China uses? Well, after the Sichuan Earthquake, the M.H.U.R.D built many transitional houses for the people, and they also reconstructed houses as well. Many people now are joining the action and there is more relieve for the future! But even as this process is continuing to progress, China is still in great danger for earthquakes in the near future.