Landers News

March 7th through March 15

Bora Bora

The Exotic Island of Tahiti by: Lauren Landers

My family and I traveled by plane to Bora Bora and it took us about 1 day and 2hrs to get there. We stayed in a condo over the beach and had a blast. We stayed in Bora Bora from March 7th- 10th.
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The condo's my family and I stayed in.

Photo Credit: google images


The City of Light by: Lauren Landers

After Bora Bora we traveled to Paris for three days to go sight seeing with my family. We saw the eiffel tower and a lot of little shops around. We were sad that we had to leave because it was super fun.
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This is the eiffel tower that we saw all lit up at night.

Photo Credit: google images


Eureka; I have found it by: Lauren Landers

My family then traveled back into the US but not all the way home. We stayed in California until Saturday the 14th. I got to guest- star on my favorite TV- show; Once Upon A Time. I also went to Burbank, California to get interviewed on Ellen because she thought I was awesome on TV.
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This is where we shot the scene for Once Upon A Time.

Photo Credits: google images