five people you meet in heaven

by Mitch Albom


Its eddies birthday he is 83, Eddie goes through the same life as his dad he devotes his life to ruby pier. one day Eddie gets a radio call saying that the dare devil drop is stuck and is about to fall, Eddie had knee problems but he said at that point he was able to run and try and save that little girl. when he tries to save her he dies and just wants find out if he saved her or not. this is when he starts his journey with the five people he meets in heaven.

main character

Eddie was a good man he would try and make the kids have the best time at the pier he would make them balloon animals. Eddie is also a war veteran and the head maintenance man at the park as he followed after his dad

Recommendation- i would recommend this to a middle school or a high school student it shows how everything you do in life comes back to you and you arnt just on earth for nothing.