Digital Etiquette

What is it?

What is digital eitiquette?

Digital etiquette is you behavior online. It is the way you act online which is just like manners.

Why is digital etiquette important?

It important because it makes you know what you should and shouldn't put on the internet.

Why is it good to know what you should and shouldn't upload?

It is good because if you have never used the internet before then you need to know not to post inappropriate things. Also its important to know because everything that you have posted can be tracked down and found.

What are the benifets of digital etiquette?

The benefits are that your digital community is more appropriate and kind. It also gives you more knowledge about the internet because you know more about posting and how to act appropriately online.

What can we do to make our digital use more appropriate?

We can stop commenting rude things on other peoples posts. We can also think about the way other people might feel about the things we post and how its not only about our interests. Also it is a good idea to ask someone if they can post a picture of you before posting to be more polite.

By Riah AKA your favourite student!