The Four Gods

Of The Earth

Before the earth was created there were four gods who had the strength and determination to create different parts of earth so when they put them all together it would form a whole new world. The name of the first god was Aqua , she was the God of the ocean she is a very calm person but , if provoked can be very angry. Guyo is the God of grass and mud he is a very out spoken person and is not Afraid to speak his mind. Temp add is the god of trees, he considers himself as "The Perfect One" , he thinks he's better than everyone. Last but not least there's Piro he is the god of the heavens he controls the whether you go to heaven depending on how you live your life. All of these gods have one thing in common, they all believe that they can achieve this goal which is creating a new world. The only problem is they can not get along but in order to create this world they have to put their differences aside and work together to create the earth. Today was the day the world will be born Piro and the rest of the gods were sitting in the conference room Piro stood up and said , "We shall create a world containing water, mud , trees and heavens " , Tempass stood up and said, "Since I the best I should be the first one to create my section of the world", Guyo interrupted, "Tempass should not be able to go first". Tempass looks at Guyo with a surprised expression Piro shouts, "silence", I do not want anyone mess this up for everyone else so what ever you two have to work so it or I shall punish you". Tempass and Guyo both agreed to try work out their issues. All of the gods were sitting In the conference room and until it was time to create the earth everyone was quiet , no had nothing to say they were only focused on creating their part of this new world. A couple of hours later it was now time to create the new world everyone stood around in a circle when Aqua not iced that Guyp And Tempass were not there so they all went to go look for them they went back in the conference room and saw them fighting Aqua tried to break it up but they would not stop . After that they ended up getting punished for the fight and Piro needed up creating their parts of the Earth That night the earth was officially born.