Rate Examples

By: Wesley

Example no. 1 ($ per deck of cards)

Bartholomew is buying cards for a poker match he buys 3 decks of cards for $35.00 what would the rate be and what is the unit rate? The rate is $35.00 for 3 decks and the unit rate is $11.66 for one deck of cards.
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Example no. 2 ($ per art piece sold)

Jonny is selling some art pieces he made he has sold 7 art pieces for $148.00 what would his rate and unit rate be? The rate would be $148.00 for 7 art pieces sold. The unit rate would be $21.14 for every art piece sold.
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Example no. 3 (miles per gallon)

Sammy was measuring how many miles a gallon would give he got that 9 gallons takes him 336 miles what would his rate be and what is his unit rate? The rate is 336 miles for 9 gallons and his unit rate would be 37.33 miles for every gallon.
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