Humans Affect the Oceans

and runoff and groundwater and reefs....

Runoff Affects our drinking Water and Oceans

Notice how this water is rushing through a field. Well just imagine that field having harmful pesticides on the crops, or using fertilizer that has nitrogen in it. The chemicals can lead to bad ground water or harm other plants and animals. The nitrogen found in fertilizer can cause algae overgrowth in ponds and rivers that crowd out other plants and animals from their natural environment.

Oceans affected by Oil Spills

Oil harms sea life as well as pollutes the water. Specifically, birds cannot survive if they are coated with oil because it prevents them from flying and lowers their body temperature. This lower temperature leads to hypothermia.

Pollution and Fishing

This scuba diver is having to remove the fishing line from the reef. It entangles the coral and the coral dies. Yes- coral is alive. Once it dies, fish no longer live around it and that part of the ocean becomes barren.


Water table and aquifers are topics that need to be discussed.