Tech News for EDUC 204

Mrs. Shinaberger

Photo Challenge Assignment

As part of the Digital Imaging module, students participated in a Photo Challenge. The module taught basic digital imaging skills and vocabulary. Students used their smart phones to capture images then upload them to Google Drive. Photo editing was done in smart phone apps and Photoshop Express Editor.
Photo Challenge Assignment

This link contains the requirements for the Photo Challenge assignment

Six Point Lesson Plan

During September we spent time learning about the Six Point Lesson plan and technology integration. Students looked for lesson plans in their content area and then made their own lesson plan, using South Carolina standards. We learned about aligning technology integration to NETS Standards.

Academic Dishonesty

EDUC 204 students learned about ways to prevent cheating and plagiarism in the classroom, particularly technology-enhanced methods. Students used iPads in the classroom to create informational websites using the Adobe Slate app .
Sample Project Using Adobe Slate

Click here to see an example of a project made in Adobe Slate.

Upcoming Project: Newsletter Design

Students will learn professional communication by creating a classroom newsletter using Smore. Mr. Tyler, our class graduate assistant, created a video to show students how to use Smore. It is a great resource for students or any learning how to use this web-based newsletter design application.

Don't Miss the Technology Expo

Technology Fair Drop-In

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 3-5pm

Prince Hall Room 204

EDUC 204 TTH 3:00 pm students will be hosting a Technology Fair and Expo. Pairs of students will demonstrate some of the apps, websites and software that have researched. There will be several stations and attendees can rotate around the room and see demonstrations and lesson ideas. Cookies will be served.