Las Positas Updates

4/15/22 Volume 1 (33)

Happy Friday!

Happy Good Friday.

What a fun and exciting week!

Students are learning so much and having so much fun!!! I wish you can witness all the wonderful things happening in each of the classrooms.

From TK to 5th grade, every student is creating products that are neat, making gains that are leaps and bounds, and really thinking critically about why things work the way they do. As an IB school, they also think hard about how they can make a difference in their local community. With Easter coming up, students got a special visit from the Easter Bunny. They absolutely loved it and asked all sorts of questions like:

  • Where does the Easter bunny live? (1st grade)
  • When did the Easter bunny hide the eggs? (1st grade)
  • Can the Easter bunny dab? (3rd grade)
  • Who's in the costume? (5th grade)

We continue to highlight being "courageous" as IB learners.

The IB Learner Profile aims to develop students who are risk-takers. Students who are risk-takers are able to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought. They have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. Risk-takers are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs.

IB students transition well to challenging settings and show resilience and determination in their work. In academics, they have the confidence to approach new or unfamiliar subjects or material.

Have a great weekend~

Go Lions!

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” (T. Edison)

Awesome motivation

How can parents help to develop students who are Risk-Takers at home?

  • If your child is feeling uneasy about trying something, encourage them to attempt it and have them reflect on how it felt.
  • Set short term goals. Consider activities that push your child out of their comfort zone. Encourage them to offer their opinion, spend time learning a new activity, try a different food, learn a new game or even to spend time with someone they don't usually spend time with.
  • Explain the difference between being a risk-taker (trying new things) and engaging in dangerous activities.
  • Ask, "What's the hard part?" to identify the challenge and brainstorm ways to fix it.
  • Click on the link for more suggestions

Courageous Students Grown at Las Positas

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PTA/Community Den

Important Dates:

Every Friday is Spirit Gear: Wear Las Positas Gear or colors

  • 4/22 - Family Movie Night: Encanto
  • 4/25 - Fire Drill
  • 4/27 - SBAC starts- Make sure students are at school on time
  • 4/27 & 28- 5th grade SBAC
  • 4/29 - Coffee with the Principal @ 8:30
  • 5/2 ~ 13 - 3rd -5th grade SBAC testing
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