To bring a whole other possibility to this generations understanding of the past.


Our new product will change history forever. Our Histojecter allows you to look into the past. It is simple to use, just put in any moment of time (just past) and watch the moment again. It could be something from your past or can be something from deep into history like when dinosaurs liked.

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Q: How does Histojecter work?

A: First you power on the Histojecter, then type in the date you desire and want to see. Finnally click the play button and it will project the scene.

Q: What's the point of this?

A: The point of this product is to discover and view scenes from the past.

Q: How did this product come to be?

A: This product came to be from a fascination of time travel and history exploration.

Q:What was your motivation to make this product?

A:We wanted people to have a greater opportunity of learning more about our great history.

Q:Who is this product for?

A:This product is for anybody who is interested of having a better learning experience on the past like teachers, students, scientist, etc.

Q:What are your future plans?

A:We hope to become successful with making peoples learning experiences easier and meet everyone's expectations.

Q:What warranty does this product have?

A:Has a warranty of 10 years

Q:What type of care do I have to give my product?

A:Must be used by someone no older than 15 years old for better use and must be kept dry and in room temperature.

Q:How long did it take to create one histojecter?

A:It took about 3 months to make a prototype.

Q:When first created, were you happy with your outcome?

A:We were happy but we still believed it could be better


The company Remember started of like any other company, it started with an idea. This idea came to be by the desire to bring something unforgettable to the world. We created this company because we wanted people to see our past and history in a whole other way. With our product, the histojecter, people can set a date they want and see what it is that happened at that time like a movie. No more having to read about a subject and wonder if its all even true. This product is considered to help most in education. We also want to create a chip that monitors your dreams so that when you wake up, you can see what you dreamt and understand yourself a bit better. We also want to create a watch that connects to your mind and sends out an alert whenever you forget something but also has all the features of any other watch and more. We want our company to do great things to this worlds great and newest generation.