Stranded 2: Trial By Fire

Author(s) : Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts Pages: 171

Stranded 2: Trail by FIRE !!

Being shipwrecked on a jungle island in the middle of the south pacific was bad enough. But now that since everyone had lost their boat -- and almost everything on board -- to another violent storm, it is starting over. This story takes us through the hardships of friends who fought for life to get food and shelter at tropical island along with dealing with wild boars. They struggled initially but learnt quickly to know that only way they can survive is to be together !!

what catches my eyes !!

This is what I feel which draws everyone's attention : They thought it couldn't get any worse but they were wrong..........


The characters are Vanessa,buzz,carter,and Jane.

The setting is in a island in the middle of the south pacific

events: Their ship gets drowned and they have no food or shelter.

Conflicts: They were working together to get food and make fire and battle the wild boar and choosing a leader to look after everyone.

What do i think about novel !!

I think this book is a fantastic read. I think everyone should read this book and in my opinion i would give this book four out of five. This book is about... well i don't want to tell you about it so you could read yourself. I would refer this book to everyone who likes mystery like what will happen next or at the end. This book is nicely setup for scenes on tropical island and how the group fight tough situations together - a battle between the wild boars who live in the island they are stuck on.

If you miss this read , you will miss out the thrilling adventures!!


If you are getting ready for an adventure than not only you have to be courageous but also have to dream big and be bold. Your self belief and confidence will get you through tough situations in life.

In my life

I have learnt things hard way in my life and this books teaches me to be courageous and not fear or shy away from things I am doing. I am ready to face the odds and become a winner out of difficult situations that may come my way. If we dream big , then we have to take bold steps to make them come true and enjoy the success. Working as team will help me get tasks done faster and also teach me respecting others. Adventure is always fun and we have to keep on trying new things to learn more.

By Jai Batra