High Blood Glucose Levels


In Type 1 diabetes cases of hyperglycemia can be the result of not taking enough insulin daily. With Type 2 cells can have ineffective insulin that do not function properly. When the glucose should be absorbing into the cell membranes, instead the insulin receptors are not registering the insulin and the glucose stays in the bloodstream. For both types of diabetes stress can also take a toll and cause hyperglycemia.

Symptoms & Treatments

Symptoms can include high blood sugar, thirst, blurred vision, fatigue, headache, coma, shortness of breath, dry mouth, and fruity smelling breath. Common treatments may entail lowering blood glucose levels by exercising more often, eating less food, a timing change in medication or insulin intake, or a dosage adjustment in medication. For Type 1 diabetes and life threatening cases insulin is given to correct hyperglycemia. If a case of hyperglycemia is a result of another condition that may be treated first to cure the hyperglycemia.
Rain Campbell