Before The Holidays Newscast!

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You KNOW it's important if I put it in all caps...who does that?! Someone who wants to REACH OUT to those that skim:), not you...maybe?

Please help me save a tree and view the images below for important information for the week!

Knows and Need to Knows: Parent ADDition!

Homework? WHAT....?!

  • Indeedly-Doo! Partner, we have problem! We may have missed the boat (insert Sailing by Christopher Cross here) on the whole government thing....ya know, who needs it?!

Response from Ms. Pool's Peanut Gallery over here "AHHHHHH!"

  • I challenge my students to enLIGHTen me on their knowledge of this thing we call government! ESPECIALly OUR local government...after-all it impacts us (remember, holiday of lights or no holiday of lights)? What a difference we can make!
  • PROVE IT- Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional resources on this. I'm here to help (don't reach far...just reach out)!
  • Okay, Got It Point: Due Friday!!!! (I am completely aware I made a mistake in not providing this information on the assignment. Thank you for being flexible and supportive! I I am so happy to be learning and growing alongside our scholars:)!)


  • Gift from the Time (or lack of) Elf...No Spelling Words This Week!
Once upon a time, local democracy

Supplies and Inventory Update

  • Know: Most of our scholars have either run out or are running out of pages in their math journals
  • Need to Know: If you are not able to grab another spiral notebook (or even two) for your scholar to continue to document their work in their journals, please email me and I will make sure it is taken care of.
  • Headphones/Earbuds

    • Please have a conversation with your scholar about their headphones/earbuds, as quite a few have been damaged or do not work (you might find out lost...hmmm, what has Ms. Pool said about high expectations?).- Let's get on the same page and start the New Year with all 5 senses intact:)

Please refer to this video for homework!

Big image

Check THESE Off Your List!

  • Have you put $2.00 in your scholars backpack/pocket?
  • Have you reached out to Ms. Pool if there are constraints?
  • Have you supported your child in packaging a gift of 20?
  • Do you need help? Please email Ms. Pool for assistance!

Feedback: Taking Organic to the Next Level...

Being in my sixth year of teaching, I find this a pivotal moment in my career to really reflect and take advantage of the insight from those that are directly impacted by me. YOU have shared with me the closest and most prized possession you could ever share with anyone. I will be honest, it's not always a walk in the park. It is a blessing most days, and a blessing in disguise on the days it's not:). However, no matter what day you land on, I guarantee we have learned something new and we make it a good one. We struggle, we wiggle, we make sense of it, we get support, we grow, and we move...on to something bigger and even better...


We never stop growing....and I truly believe we maximize our grOWth together:)!

Transparency is KEY!...Communication is simply the force that might result in movement...ya know, motion...(I wonder if your scholars might know what I'm referring to)....


Still Nothing?.... Maybe Santa will bring a Light Saber!... Always enLIGHTening!

Cheers to a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Growing New Year! SPROUT!

Ellen Pool

Ms. Pool's Problem Solvers

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