Room 203

3rd Grade with Ms. Clarke September15


  • We are building up our stamina in reading and writing every day with the Daily 5 literacy framework. We are using graphic organizers to make a plan for what we will write about. We are in the middle of a 3 week author study about Alan Say. The books follow the story of one family over time. They are Grandfather's Journey, Tree of Cranes, and this week Tea with Milk.
  • Our math focus is on adding and subtracting within 1,000; learning about the rules for rounding numbers up and down; and using Base 10 blocks to model our mathematical thinking. Our goal for the year in math is to get really good at communicating our thinking about how we solve math problems. They will show answers in numbers (345+274= 619) , a drawing to model the math, AND writing to describe the strategy they used to solve the problem.
  • Our Science unit about rocks and minerals is in full swing.We are exploring soils, types of rocks, and minerals. We are using library books, workbooks, textbooks, hands on lab rotations, and lots of electronic resources.
  • We are using our netbook computers in class daily. Through the Media Center we have started tracking out reading with a new program called Wandoo Reader. Your kids should be able to access this and other sites through the Barrow Elementary School Symbaloo start page. I am using Google Classroom to share information and links with the class, it can also be found on the Symbaloo page. We are doing our best to iron out all the tech kinks as they come up- all the students are doing a great job as we roll out new technology tools!

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*Progress Reports 9-15

*SLO Assessments 9-16 & 9-17

*International Dot Day 9-16