Middle Earth - Where is Back Again?

North Georgia (America) - Claire Byram

It's not where's middle earth, it's what's Middle earth.

Sure the major city of Atlanta is in northern Georgia, but so is natural beauties such as the Appalachian mountains and Amicalola Falls. (And even some unnatural ones like stone Mountain!) There's a vast number of beautiful mountains and many caves there where most of the country is English-speaking and independent.

Many of the Beautiful land forms and smaller details match up fairly accurately to what was described in the book. The Appalachian Mountains would sever the exact same purpose as the Misty Mountains, and plenty of forests like the ones described. (We do have a distinct lack of trolls though, thankfully.) Also, various evergreens such as the ones used to escape wolves are not uncommon there.

While other regions may have similar elements of The Hobbit, do they have them all in one place like North Georgia does? When you think of the journey so far, how far have they really gone? Across a whole continent like other areas might require? I think that the spacing for North Georgia lines up pretty well.

A lot of North Georgia's landforms match up with the ones from the Hobbit, as well as a few of the descriptions. This is why I believe that North Georgia should be Middle Earth.