Romiette and Julio

By: Sharon Draper


This teen romance novel was written by Sharron Mills draper a professional educator the 1997 teacher of the year and a five time winner Corretta Scott King award for books about African American experiences with a Pepperdine University education . Sharon Draper has won and been nominated for several other awards, so you can assume she's a pretty good author so if your to reading about African American experiences this the novel for you .


This book was so emotionally relatable it was a young Romance novel and it touched my heart two brave teenage kids doing just about anything to be together despite all of the odds of gangs, parent disapproval, and being an interatial couple by its self is struggle if you like romantic yet suspenseful novels I'd recommend this as book you should read.


The novel Romeo and Juliette is about a African American girl and a Hispanic boy who end falling in love each other but are being pulled apart and threatens by local gangs and their parents who think they shouldn't be together but fight for there there love of each other now I don't know about you but it seems logical to me to fight for something if you strongly believe in it.