Advantages and Disadvanteges of Life


Biofuels are nothing new. In fact, they've been around as long as cars have. Henry Ford originally designed the Model T to run on ethanol. And people have been running diesel engines on vegetable oil much longer than they have been running diesel engines on petroleum-based diesel fuel. Most gasoline and diesel fuels in North America and Europe are blended with biofuel. More than 22 billion gallons of fuel ethanol are produced each year.


They help with your life by reducing the need to use certain materials and can use certain things to make it better. They also help with our health such as vegetable oil helps increase metabolism and that helps burn fat so our body can stay in shape. The word BIOFEUL booms in the transportation, because it can grow almost anywhere and is easy to make.


The disadvantages of biofuels are that in some regions it is very costly and hard to grow. Which means you have to use scarce items and then they run out and have nothing to rely on. And by growing these things use a lot of resources such as water and more, which can lead to lack of water and food and have a lot of pollution.
Its Biofuels you know it!