Making a Complete Sentence!

Learn the basics!

Every sentencing needs a subject!

Subject= a person or a thing

This is also known as the NOUN!

Examples: Miss.Henkler, dog, crown, helmet, president.

Sentences also need to have a VERB!

A verb shows action!

Examples: Run, jump, blink, kick.

They also need punctuation marks!


Periods, explanation points, and question marks are all examples of punctuation!

They are used at the end of a sentence!

Make a complete thought!

Sentences need to make sense and be developed by a complete thought!

Bad Example: Purple dog.

Good Example: The purple dog went on a walk.

Add Adjectives to make the sentence more interesting/descriptive!

Adjectives help describe a person or thing.

Examples: PRETTY picture, YELLOW door, SHY child!

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Now, lets practice!

Sentence 1: The purple butterfly flew around the garden.

Subject: Butterfly

Adjective: Purple

Verb: Flew

Sentence 2: The tall teacher helped her students with their math homework.

Subject: Teacher

Verb: Helped

Adjective: Tall