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A Glimpse into Classrooms Across the District

Implementation Year 2: Weeks 19 and 20

I had the chance to visit almost every math classroom across the district this week. From surveys to angles to rigid transformations, I was excited to see the kids working collaboratively with mathematics in every room I visited.

We have some important PD sessions over the next few days and weeks. Please make sure you take a look at the schedules below for important information about those days. Keep up the great work!

Peek of the Week

Tuesday, January 19th:

-1/2 day PD for K-6 math teachers (Click the link for the agenda and what to bring):


-Department Chair curriculum writing meetings (by appointment)

Wednesday, January 20th:

-1/2 day for students (building specific activities for teachers in the afternoon)

-Department Chair curriculum writing meetings (by appointment)

Thursday, January 21st:

-Elementary Principal PLC (a.m.)

-Department Chair curriculum writing meetings (by appointment)

Monday, January 25th:

-Department Chair curriculum writing meetings (by appointment)

-Curriculum Council Meeting, 3:30-4:30, Admin PD room

Tuesday, January 26th:

-Department Chair curriculum writing meetings (by appointment)

-Walkthroughs, Senior High, p.m.

-STEM Community Partnership Meeting, 6:30 p.m., S102

Wednesday, January 27th:

-Math Leadership Team Meeting, Admin PD Room:

Grades 3 through 5 (9:15-11:45), Grades K through 2 (1:15-3:45)

Thursday, January 28th:

-Math Classroom Visits, all buildings

Friday, January 29th:

-Math Classroom Visits, all buildings

Shout Outs!

To Mrs. Perate and her awesome 4th graders at Lorane for their amazing problem solving skills during a lesson about finding the area of irregular shapes. The strategies the students were able to come up with and then articulate to the class were a testament to how students are beginning to think critically about problems in mathematics!

To our Junior High Tech Ed Department for successfully completing PLTW STEM training in preparation for next year! Keep up the great work!