Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Timmy Thompson

Eminem AKA slim shady

he was brought to be slim shady from his best selling album the song was named slim shady and after that he dyed his hair blonde.

he also made a documentary about him self staring him self called 8 mile.

he was a good actor and he did everything about it when he was around 21 he was a pot smoker he liked to drink beer and alcohol here is the video of his song called shady.

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Edited)

early life/Origins

when Eminem was 18 as he was walking to his girlfriends house he was shot from a drive by shooting but after all the hopes and prayers he made it. after that he went to a friend house a few weeks later and was messing around with a friend and was in a rap battle and lad some sick words were he was at that's what made him famous.he was also a high school drop out in 10 grade.

musical accoplishments

I his whole career he won 2 Grammy awards.he was one of the most top selling celebrity.

after that he made his own record label called shady and the only way you can get in is by battling him


he stayed in detroy and battled for a spot at a top fast rapper and he got 3rd then he wnt to michagan and battled there and got 4 then all of them got together and got 2nd after working and working at it now people call him king of hip hop or slim shady.
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how has Eminem lived his life trough all these hard times but the fans can bring him up and down he is a man that tries and tries again who never gives up.