Astonishing April

at Wonderoom

Science! Science! Science!

April was the Science month at Wonderoom. Activities around Science left the kids all the more curious and craving for more. The month started with a visit to the Science museum and culminated with a huge Science fair.

बच्चों के बोल!

काफी मजेदार रहा साईंस फेयर देखना। मैनें एक कार बनाई थी, जो प्रदर्शनी में रखी थी, मुझे अच्छा लगा कि मेरी कार एक्सहीबिषन में रखी है और लिक्विड नाईट्रोजन गैस -196 डिग्री सेलसीयस होती है, यह इतनी ठण्डी होती है यह पहली बार पता चला। दूसरे शो में भी काफी मजा आया। भभूती से जो बाबा लोग ढोंग करते हैं उसके भांडाफोड़ हुआ। आग के बारे में जानकारी मिली कि आग नीचे से ठण्डी होती है।

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An exhibition to begin with

Never stop questioning!

Based on the immense popularity of Fun Science sessions, the Wonderoom team organised a day long Science fair.

The fair on the 26th of April, saw active participation of more than 300 children and parents from different backgrounds.

Spells cast by live experiments and intriguing tricks left the children in awe. The engrossing events and activities kept the children on their toes at all times. It was fun watching children understand the science behind myths. With gentle facilitation, more and more questions emerged. It almost seemed like many children regained their lost curiosity and inquisitive selves.

Your Talent... will never stay silent

Children are powerhouses of talent and Wonderoom does not let this go un-noticed. The winners of scientific model-making activity were felicitated and awarded certificates by Shri Deepak Chandra.


Planets All Around...

The Wonderoom kids began April with a visit to the Nehru Planetarium. The planetarium is situated in the green surroundings of Teen Murti House, the official residence of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The thrilling exposure to planets and astronomy was a delightful treat for the children.

Wonderoom and the Science of stars

How does outer space look like? Do planets have shapes? How does day become night? Dr. N. Ratnashree, Director, Nehru Planetarium visited the Wonderoom during April. Her interaction with children centred around astronomy and the night sky. Dr. Ratnashree answered questions on stars, planets and skies. She used a ball to explain how planets look like and also shared a presentation on outer space.

Who created the Solar System... the Wonderoom kids!!!

Inspired by the session on astronomy and space, the Wonderoom children prepared a model of solar system in during craft session. Planets were made of chart paper and crayons.

Does the Moon have Phases err...Faces??

A popular subject of discussion in the Wonderoom was the Moon. What is the Moon? Why does it look different on different days? Different folklores about moon from different countries were shared with the children. Based on these, the children created a model depicting the different phases of moon in a month.

About Wonderoom

Wonderoom is an innovative children's library located in the heart of New Delhi. It provides an opportunity to children in age group of 8 to 15 years to explore the world of over 5000 books.

Children can also actively engage in our ongoing workshops like story-telling, art, science, drama, et al. Regular movie screenings, internet access, and support in reading is also provided.

Wonderoom services are free of charge, and are open from 10 am to 7 pm on all days of the week.