Giving Our Poster a Chance

John Lennon, Vietnam and Peace

"Give Peace A Chance":Breaking Down the Lyrics Into "Peaces"

Important terms

  • Bag-ism: A term that describes "bags" over peoples heads/ body to not be judged by their sex or race
  • Mad-ism: John is describing how people are mad that america is going to war

John talks about racism, religion and the government. In the lyrics John constantly says "Give Peace A Chance", referring to the Us to not join the war and staying peaceful

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The War: A "Peace" of history and the song relationship

John was heavily into the idea of peace. This was the idea most hippy protesters preached at the time. Whether it be in song or through nonviolent acts, They tried to get their point across. John states in the song that peace is an option and violence is not always the answer.



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