How Preschooler Make Friends

By: Areli Ramirez

How to help your Preschooler make friends

  • Express openness to friendship
  • Teach child to role-play
  • Explain that they to eye-contact, warmly smile, and speak loudly so they can be heard.

Should and Should not do

  • Be honest
  • Don't get carried away with hugs and kisses to classmates
  • Don't insist another to play with them
  • Be respectful and responsible
  • Respect friends decisions.

Rehearse Social situations with your Preschooler

  • Role-Play for worrying situations such as:
  1. Play dates
  2. Visiting friends/relatives
  3. Parties
  4. Doctors waiting room/hospital
  5. Restaurant
  • Younger children may be rather clingy at first and not want to leave your side for a split second.
  • Never force your child to leave they will be more confident with time.

Teach Friendship skills to your Preschooler

  • Learn how to relate with others
  • Most want to have friends
  • Children who have friends=self-confident and better academically in school than those without friends.