Lake Winsdor Newsletter

By: Madison Lindberg

What's News?

-We welcomed our new neighbors, the Fisher family, to our lovely community

- Football tryouts for the Lake Winsdor High and soccer tryouts for the middle school began. Congrats to the new teams!

- We kicked off a new school year here in Tangerine. Good luck students!

- Mrs. Fisher joined the Home Owners Association as part of the architectural committee.

- Mike Costello was killed in a tragic football accident. Prayers for his family.

- Mrs. Fisher held a meeting at her house regarding the time of football practice.

- A wake was held at a local funeral home for Mike Costello.

- The Tangerine Carnival was held on September 9 this year.

- A sinkhole opened up at the middle school. Thankfully no one was injured.

- A disaster meeting was held to discuss where class would be held until the damage from the sinkhole is repaired.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Erik Fisher is having an easy time adjusting to Tangerine, while brother Paul struggles along. Their sports dreams are going in opposite directions. Erik's football dream is progressing since Mike Costello's death. He has secured a spot on the football team and has already impressed the coach. Meanwhile, Paul's soccer goals are seeming impossible. He is not allowed to play on the team due to his vision and was offered a depressing position of water boy. Things are also different at school. Erik goes to class in the air conditioned high school building. However, Paul's classroom has been destroyed by a sinkhole. Finally, friendships are also different for the brothers. Erik is already popular and has plenty of friends. Paul has few friends and his not the least bit popular. Things are definitely looking better for Erik.

Tragedy Strikes

On Tuesday September 5, a terrible accident took the life of Mike Costello. Mike was at football practice at Lake Winsdor High as he was every day when tragedy struck. According to witness Erik Fisher, Mike was in the end zone with one hand on the goal post when lightning struck. He went flying through the air and landed hard on his back. Erik says the coaches tried doing CPR and the ambulance was called, but it was too late. Much to the surprise of us all, football practice resumed the next day. On September 7 Mrs. Fisher held a meeting at her house with football parents and the coaches to discuss the time of football practice. These parents believe practicing in the afternoon is a bad idea as there is lightning every day at that time. Mrs. Fisher is happy to announce that the meeting was successful and the time will be changed to before school. She hopes this will prevent another terrifying accident. The following day, a public viewing was held at O'Sullivan's Funeral Home. Many neighbors, friends, family, and total strangers attended to pay tribute to Mike. Please pray for the Costello family.

MOYA Close-Up

Young adolescents face many challenges. Paul Fisher talks about several in this interesting article. First of all, he says sibling competition is a big challenge for kids. "My brother, Erik, is a football superstar. Much of my parents' attention goes to him," Paul says. As a result he feels a need to compete for attention. Second, he talks about teasing. He told us, "My vision is pretty bad, so I have to wear these huge glasses. Being different is somehow bad, so because of my glasses, I get teased a great deal." Finally, he says making friends is a struggle for many kids. "I was fortunate enough to make several friends quickly here, but there are a lot of kids who go through middle school without friends. It can be tricky to get into cliques, so therefore many students have no real friends in middle school," he told us. In conclusion, Paul thinks middle school students have more struggles than most other age groups. Thanks for your time Paul!


Saturday, Sep. 19th, 9:15am

Lake Winsdor High, Tangerine, FL

Join us for a marathon at Lake Winsdor High to honor Mike Costello. The race will start at 9:30, so be there at 9:15 to get registered. There is a $10 entry fee and all profits will go to support Feeding Florida, a charity dedicated to feeding the hungry in Florida. Family and friends say Mike would have wanted to participate in something like this, as he was a generous and kind young man. Be sure to wear tennis shoes if you wish to participate. Water will be given out throughout the race. Please do not bring any pets, as they will not be allowed to stay on campus, however strollers are welcome. Feeding Florida will take cash or checks for the entry fee. We hope to see you there to honor Mike Costello.