Chinese Schools of Thought


A man named Laozi started this. He believed that the best ruler was the one who governed the least. Laozi thought that for individuals to attain happiness they should practice Dao, live a simple life, and live in harmony with nature.


Confucius was the philosopher. He belived that the way to rule was by example and through education. Confuciu's teachings were through the respect of the five relations. Father to son, elder brother to ypunger brother, husband to wife, ruler to subject, and friend to friend. This philosophy became the base for the government mostly during the Han dynasty.
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Hanfeizi was the phlosopher of this phlosophy. Hanfeizi thpught that man was naturaly bad and evil instead of good. The main reason for this was becuase he thought man was greedy and that was the reason for why everyone was bad. He believed that strict laws and harsh punishmnet would fix this. This was most effective durring the Qin dynasty.
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