Art in India

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Drawing and its process

Drawing is arguably the most basic of art processes, Drawing is primarily based on the use of lines. With drawing pencils or charcoals, a change in pressure will cause a change in value. When an Artists uses ink as a drawing medium the ink can be thinned to create a wash of lighter value in which the paper shows through to lighten the effect

Printmaking Terms

Relief Printmaking- The artist cuts away parts from the surface of the plate

Intaglio Printmaking- Works in the opposite manner from relief printmaking

Lithography- a process in which the image is drawn with a waxy pencil or crayon

Engraving- carving tools are used to cut lines into the surface of the plate

Etching- the design is incised through a layer of wax or varnish


  • Pigments, binders, and solvents are the three basic components of most paints
  • Tempra is a water based paint, Oil painting wasn't introduced till the 1400's
  • Wax based paints used in Egypt for grave markers is called encaustic
  • Gouache is a water based oaint of higher quality than that of Tempra used in many schools today
  • Water colors are the most common form of water based paint