Juice Boxes

Avery Wilson

Should juice box materials change?


Juice box producers should use entirely aluminum cans/boxes to make juice boxes.

Why Aluminum?


  1. The boxes used to make juice boxes today are not entirely recyclable. Juice boxes cannot be recycled because they are made of a combination of materials that cannot be separated for recycling. If they were made of aluminum they could always be recycled! Also, Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates compared to other materials.
  2. Aluminum is already one of the raw materials used to make juice boxes. If they switched to only aluminum containers they'd be extracting less from the ground and not adding on to the production process.
  3. The natural resource used to make aluminum is still plentiful in the earth. Using bauxite at the rate we do now activists say there is still enough bauxite to last us years.

Aluminum Recycling rates!

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Aluminum is better

Aluminum is an entirely recyclable material and would have a better impact on the environment. Aluminum is already used in the making of juice boxes and if they were made of aluminum they could be recycled all the time. Bauxite ore is used to make aluminum and the earth is still plentiful with the resource, using all aluminum wouldn’t have a bad impact on the environment.

Natural Resources used in Juice Boxes Today

There are lots of materials used in juice boxes like oil, natural gases, coal, bauxite, wood, vegetable matter, and recycled cloth. Using only aluminum would cut that list down to oil, natural gases, and bauxite!

What do Activists Think?

Since juice boxes are non-recyclable, activists want new juice boxes. If the amount of juice pouches dumped into the landfill stacked on top of each other they would lead half way to the moon.

What Can you do to Help?

  1. Support the idea of using aluminum cans for juice boxes
  2. Always recycle your aluminum and other recyclable things, recycling always helps


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